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Paypal Ban!

Your PayPal account is temporarily limited Dear Propagandaworld, Regular monitoring of activities in the PayPal system is part of our security measures. PayPal operates in compliance with applicable international laws and regulations. One of those duties is to ensure that all customers, merchants and partners also comply with applicable laws and regulations when using PayPal. PayPal's Compliance Department has reviewed your account and identified activities that may violate export restrictions. We have determined that you are advertising with PayPal as a payment method for the sale of goods and services that originate in one or more export-restricted countries. To avoid future disruptions to your account, do the following: 1. Remove PayPal as a payment option; or 2. Create a separate checkout section where PayPal is not allowed as a payment method for goods or services originating in North Korea; or 3. Remove any goods or services originating in North Korea from your website. If you have done this, send an email to Log into your account and go to the Action Center to find out what to do. If we have not heard from you yet, your account capabilities will be limited until you resolve the issue. To avoid risk to us and our customers, we have limited the capabilities of your account until you have resolved the issue. Please note that if you do not resolve this issue, we reserve the right to terminate our relationship and close your PayPal account. If you commit further violations, we are forced to close your account. Sincerely, PayPal Compliance Department

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