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Propagandawar at Cold War Weekend Netherlands 22-23 October 2022

The weekend of 22-23 October is national Cold War weekend in the Netherlands. The subject is the Cuba Crisis. Lots of museums, institutues and cold war atom bunkers are taking part in this weekend. It is going to be a big event. Propagandaworld is invited to take part. We are going to be located in the city of Rijswijk at the BB commando bunker. The BB commando bunker (Berscherming Burgerbevolking-Civil Protection) was made in the cold war era for coordinating ermergency services in the Netherlands in case of a nuclear war. Many rooms are still in their original state and is very impressive. For the event a Soviet MiG jet will be present and a DDR reenactment group is going to be there. The website of the event is here and the website of the BB bunker is here.

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