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Ruigmarkt At Ruigoord Amsterdam 21-22 April 2019

The first market Propagandaworld was present! It was located at Ruigoord. Ruigoord (meaning rough/raw place) is a village founded in the 11th. century. In 1968 the government decided that Ruigoord should be abandoned to make place for a new harbour. The villagers were forced to move but the harbour was never build. In 1972 artists discovered the village and decided to move in to the houses and they created many worksshop and ateliers. To this day Ruigoord is still occupied with artists and alternative/hippy people.

There are many art and music events every year on Ruigoord making it a populair alternative place for people.

Few times a year there is Ruigmarket. An alternative market with clothing, art, workshops and much more. Looked like the right place for Propagandaworld to be present for the first time on a market! The reactions of people to the propagandaworld stand was one of disbelief, amazement and surprise with overwelming good and nice reactions. It was a good promotion and a big succes for Propagandaworld. Here is a photo impression:

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