Perfect condition minisheet from North Korea, 1995.
The Workers’ Party of Korea is the founding and ruling political party of North Korea. It is the largest party in North Korea with two other legal parties making up the Democratic Front for the Reunification of the Fatherland. However, these minor parties are completely subservient to the WPK and must accept the WPK’s “leading role” as a condition of their existence.
It was founded in 1945 with the merger of the Workers’ Party of North Korea and the Workers’ Party of South Korea. The WPK also controls the Korean People’s Army.
The WPK is organized according to the Monolithic Ideological System and the Great Leader, a system and theory conceived by Kim Yong Ju and Kim Jong Il.
Although the WPK is organizationally similar to communist parties, in practice it is far less institutionalized and informal politics plays a larger role than usual.
Kim Jong Un is the current WPK leader, serving as Chairman.
The WPK is committed to Juche, an ideology which has been described as a combination of collectivism and nationalism.

50th Anniversary Of Korean Workers’ Party Minisheet 1995

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