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Year: 1995

Minisheet made in North Korea for the anniversary of the 53rd. brithday of Kim Jong Il.

Kim Jong Il was the son of Kim Il Sung (ruler of North Korea from 1948 until 1991).
After the death of Kim Il Sung in 1991 Kim Jong Il became the leader of North Korea. He ruled North Korea for 17 years ending when he died in 2011. Kim’s nickname in North Korea was “Dear Leader” to distinquish him from his father who is known as “Great Leader”.
After his death, Kim was designated the “Eternal General Secretary” of the WPK and the “Eternal Chairman of the National Defence Commission”.
After the death of Kim Jong Il in 2011, his son Kim Jong Un became the leader of North Korea and he still is (as of 2021)

53rd Anniversary Of The Birth Of Kim Jong Il 1995

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