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Size: 26×24.5cm./10.2×9.6inch.
Weight: 1100gr./38.8oz.
Year: 1979


Book made in Libya, 1979. About 200-250 pages. The Libyan Arab Socialist People’s Jamahiriya, from 1986 the Great Libyan Arab Socialist People’s Jamahiriya (S.P.L.A.J.) was the official name for Libya between 1977 and 2011. The People’s Jammariyah was proclaimed on March 2, 1977 by Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to replace the Libyan Arab Republic.
This was accompanied by major political changes in which Gaddafi became secretary general of the General People’s Congress (parliament) and head of state. From 1979 onwards, Gaddafi no longer held an official position, but in practice he remained the leader of Libya as Guide of the Revolution. The political structure of the Jammariya was based on Gaddafi’s Third International Theory which he described in The Green Book.
The word Great was added to the official name by Gaddafi after Operation El Dorado Canyon on April 14, 1986, in which the Americans bombed three Libyan cities. This bombing was in retaliation for the bombing of the La Belle nightclub in West Berlin, which killed two American soldiers and for which Gaddafi was accountable. The 2011 Uprising in Libya, inspired by the Arab Spring, brought an end to the regime of Gaddafi and the People’s Jamahiriya. Gaddafi was killed on October 20, 2011.

Book Libya The Age Of The Jamahiriya 1979

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