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Size: 29.5x21cm./11.6×8.2inch.
Weight: 552gr./19.4oz.
Year: 1988
Pages: 96


Book made in Libya about the Jamahiriya Museum, 1988. The Red Castle Museum is the Archaeological Museum of Tripoli or Jamahiriya Museum, and is a national museum in Libya. It is located in the historic building known as the Red Castle of Tripoli.
The museum was established in 1919, when the colonial Italians in Libya converted a section of the castle to a museum to house many of the archaeological artifacts scattered across the country since prehistoric times. When the British occupied Libya during World War II, the museum occupied the entire complex of the castle and in 1948 was renamed The Libyan Museum. The museum reopened to the public in 1988, renamed the Assaraya Alhamra Museum–Red Castle Museum, with “state-of-the-art” facilities.
In 2011 the museum was closed due to security concerns following the Libyan Civil War and subsequent unrest. The museum remained closed as of 2020. During the 2011 war, rebels entered the museum and a few items belonging to Muammar Gaddafi were damaged. The most valuable items were kept safe at another location by the museum staff. The remaining items relating to Gaddafi were placed in storage by the staff.

Book Libya The Jamahiriya’s Museum 1988

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