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Published: 1975


Book from Poland with the titel:”Tu w Ameryce, czyli dobre rady dla Polaków” wich means:”Here in America, good advice for Polish people” by Leopold Tyrmand. first edition published in exile by the Polish Cultural Foundation (PFK) in London in 1975.
Leopold Tyrmand was the Polish writer, who due to his uncompromising attitude, faced repressions in 1958, and censorship stopped his subsequent novels. The last book he managed to publish in Poland was “Filip”. In 1965 he emigrated abroad. The book “Here in America, good advice for Polish people” is telling about America as seen through Tyrmand eyes.
The Polish Cultural Foundation (PFK) was Polish publishing house, and founded in 1950 in exile in London (some polish writers after the WWII did not come back to People’s Republic of Poland ruled by Soviets and then they were joined others writers who escaped from Poland). The first books and brochures of the PKF began to appear in 1963. Since then, the Polish Cultural Foundation has published almost 500 books and since 1968 it has been the publisher of Dziennik Polski, one of the most famous Polish dailies in Great Britain.

Book Poland Good Advice For Polish People 1975

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