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Published: 1973


Unique polish propaganda book published by the Feliks Dzierzynski Military Political Academy titled: „Political officer activist educator organizer”, Warsaw 1973.
The book contains propaganda articles of polish writers about different aspects of life and important tasks of political officer in the field of education and organization.
Political officer is a soldier with the rank of second lieutenant or higher, serving in the Armed Forces of the People’s Republic of Poland in the corps of political officers in the years 1948–1990. Political officers served in the Polish People’s Army and other Warsaw Pact countries. In NATO, their counterpart in terms of training and educational functions as well as cultural and educational functions were fulfilled by educational officers and non-commissioned officers. In Soviet Russia it was politruk, best known from the movie Enemy of at the Gates from Lejtnant Danilov.

Book Poland Political Officer 1973

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