Size: 21x14cm./8.2×5.5inch.
Weight: 98gr./3.4oz.
Pages: 95
Published: 1956


Very rare secret, numbered and registered publication which changed the world: Khrushchev, Nikita speech titled:”On the Cult of Personality and Its Consequences”. Keynote address by First Secretary of the CC of the CPSU tov. N. S. Khrushchev at the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union February 25, 1956.
“Unpublished materials delivered to the delegates to the 20th Congress of CPSU” March 1956 Warsaw. (“O kulcie jednostki i jego nastepstwach. Referat I Sekretarza KC KPZR tow. N. S. Chruszczowa na XX Zjezdzie Komunistycznej Partii Zwiazku Radzieckiego 25 lutego 1956 r. Nieopublikowane materialy doreczone delegatom na XX Zjazd KPZR Warszawa, Marzec 1956”)
Original printed wrappers with “Wylacznie do uzytku organizacji partyjnych” (“Exclusively for inner-party use”) printed to top of front wrapper and individual number, this one is number: „12508”. A very nice, clean, and fresh copy. 95 pages. Second impression of first edition from 1956.
“On the cult of the individual and its aftermath” (Russian: О культе личности и его последствиях) – a secret speech delivered on February 24 and 25, 1956 at the closed session of the XX Congress of the CPSU, Nikita Khrushchev and the secretary of the Soviet Union, successor of the Joseph Stalin. In this report, Stalin was portrayed as a criminal at the head of the Bolshevik party, guilty of the crimes committed while in power and the introduction of the so-called cult of individual. Khrushchev blamed Stalin himself and Lavrenti Beria, who was later shot to death, for the terror, revealing subsequent politicians responsible for the repression.
There are two impressions of the first edition of Khrushchev’s speech, both bearing the date March 1956 and both ordered by the Polish communist party authorities in the span of March 27 – March 31. As opposed to the even scarcer first priting of the text, this second priting of 95 pages was edited to give only Khrushchev’s speech (without the recorded interjections and ovations), but containing also a second part, “Unpublished materials” with Lenin’s “Testament”, Lenin’s “On the National Question”, and Stalin’s notes. In the USSR, until 1989 the speech was not published openly, but immediately after the 20th Congress it was read and discussed at the so-called days of open letters – at party and Komsomol meetings open to all. After the 20th Congress of the CPSU, the text of the paper was submitted to the Central Committee of the PZPR, where it was printed for internal use. afraid it would be reaveald and they will be punished.
One of the copies was obtained by Israeli intelligence and handed over to the CIA, which disclosed the contents to the press. Like the first impression, almost all the copies of this extremely scarce publication – which were all numbered and strictly registered – were withdrawn and destroyed after 11 April 1956. Worldcat don’t find any copies in libriaries all over the world, outside Poland.

Book Poland Secret Speech Of Khrushev “The Speech That Changed The World” 1956

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