Size: 24.5×18.0cm./9.7×7.1inch.
Weight: 634gr./22.2oz.
Pages: 206
Realese date: 1949

Book from Poland made in 1949. Beautiful book with the image of Stalin pressed into the cover. Special and unique edition book „Nowe Drogi” (New Roads) from Poland published in 1949 on 70th anniversary of the birth comrade Josef Stalin.
It is a social and political book published by Organ Komitetu Centralnego Polskiej Zjednoczonej Partii Robotniczej (Organ of the Central Committee of the Polish United Workers Party) No 6(28) November-December 1949.
The book is entirely devoted to the 70th anniversary of Stalin’s birth. The book contains propaganda articles of Polish famous communist activists headed by the president (Boleslaw Bierut) and the prime minister (Jozef Cyrankiewicz) and other activists glorifying the life and activity of Josef Stalin with a lot of propaganda pictures, documents and newspapers.

Book Poland Stalin’s Life 1949

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