Size: Size: 17×12 cm. / 6.7×4.7 inch.

This is a totally unique book. A Lenin agenda straight from 1970 in remarkable condition. It is unwritten.
Every month this agenda presents a picture of Lenin, from his youth till adult.
This book has a rubber/plastic like cover with a steel/copper relief of Lenin. This is a great book wich you won’t see any time soon again. Just an extrodinairy book wich looks great on your bookshelf.
This will be noticed.
Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov better known by the alias Lenin (1870-1924) was a communist, revolutionair and first leader of the Sovjet Union.
Under his administration Russia and the wider Sovjet Union became an one party communist state. He used the political ideas of Karl Marx as a blueprint for his political theories known as Leninism.
He choose the name Lenin after his opponent Georgi Plechanov who used the alias Volgin, named after the river Volga.
Lenin choose the river Lena for his alias because both rivers flow opposite and the river Lena was bigger then the Volga.

Book Soviet Russia Lenin Agenda 1970 Unwritten

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