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Book from the United Kingdom written by Dr. Dermot Hudson in 2020. From the book:”Back in 1996 I visited the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea heading a delegation of the British Group for the study of the Juche idea. At the time the Western imperialist media published reports of a massive famine in the country. Various claims have been mdae that 3 million people died and even today opponents of the DPRK and Juch cry: but they are starving in North Korea.Such assertions are part of the mainstream media’s campagn of vilification of People”s Korea. Was there really a famine in the DPRK in the 1990’s, what is the truth? ”.
Dr. Dermot Hudson is an authority on North Korea knowledge and has visited North Korea 18 times. Also he is chairman of the largest North Korea friendship organisation (KFAUK) with over 17.000 members worldwide. KFAUK can be visited on

Book United Kingdom The Famine That Never Was

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