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Year: 1984
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Book made in the DDR, 1984. Karl Marx’s Das Kapital in the German language.
Das Kapital, also known as Capital: A Critique of Political Economy, is a foundational theoretical text in materialist philosophy, economics and politics by Karl Marx.
In Das Kapital, Marx proposes that the motivating force of capitalism is in the exploitation of labor, whose unpaid work is the ultimate source of surplus value. The owner of the means of production is able to claim the right to this surplus value because he is legally protected by the ruling regime through property rights and the legally established distribution of shares which are by law distributed only to company owners and their board members. The historical section shows how these rights were acquired in the first place chiefly through plunder and conquest and the activity of the merchant and “middle-man”. In producing capital, the workers continually reproduce the economic conditions by which they labour
While Marx did not live to publish the planned second and third parts, they were both completed from his notes and published after his death by his colleague Friedrich Engels. Das Kapital is the most cited book in the social sciences published before 1950.

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