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Size: 23×10.5cm./9×4.1inch.
Weight: 1944gr./68.5oz.

Felix Dzerzhinsky bust made of metal with a transparent layer of lacquer and stands on a wooden base with brass name plate. Some letters have been rubbed off by polishing and replaced with a marker, the rest is in mint condition. Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky (1877-1926), nicknamed “Iron Felix”, was a Bolshevik revolutionary and official. Born into Polish nobility, from 1917 until his death in 1926 Dzerzhinsky led the first two Soviet state-security organizations, the Cheka and the OGPU, establishing a secret police for the post-revolutionary Soviet regime. He was one of the architects of the KGB.Dzerzhinsky spent four and a half years in tsarist prisons. Dzerzhinsky was beaten frequently by the Russian prison guards, which caused the permanent disfigurement of his jaw and mouth. In 1916, Dzerzhinsky was moved to the Moscow Butyrka prison, where he was soon hospitalized because the chains that he was forced to wear had caused severe cramps in his legs. Despite the prospects of amputation, Dzerzhinsky recovered and was put to labor sewing military uniforms.Felix Dzerzhinsky was freed from prison after the February Revolution of 1917. Lenin regarded Felix Dzerzhinsky as a revolutionary hero and appointed him to organize a force to combat internal threats known as Cheka. The Cheka undertook drastic measures as thousands of political opponents and saboteurs were eliminated. Besides his leadership of the secret police, Dzerzhinsky also took on a number of other roles; he led the fight against typhus in 1918, was chair of the Commissariat for Internal Affairs from 1919 to 1923, initiated a vast orphanage construction program, chaired the Transport Commissariat, organised the embalming of Lenin’s body in 1924 and chaired the Society of Friends of Soviet Cinema.A 15-ton iron monument of Dzerzhinsky, which once dominated the Lubyanka Square in Moscow, near the KGB headquarters, also became known as Iron Felix.

Bust Soviet Russia Felix Dzerzhinsky

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