Size: 45x23cm./17.7x9inch.
Weight: 15kilo/33pounds.

Unusually big and heavy bust of Stalin. This is an old bust and made beautiful. No signature could be discovered but you can tell this is made by with craftmanship. It was obtained by the previous owner 25 years ago in the Czech Republic. As the story goes, this bust was buried during the Second World War making this an old bust.
Due to the weight, the rust and the holes this buste has been standing on a pedestal outside for a long time. The rust on this bust is one of the finest patina I ever saw. You will have a very hard time finding another beautiful buste like this.
Stalin was born in Georgia in 1878 under the name Josef Vissarionovich Djugashvili . When he was in his 30’s he took the name Stalin wich means “man of steel”. He joined the militant wing of the Bolsheviks led by Lenin. In order to fund the Bolsheviks he took part in several bank robbery’s.
When Lenin died in 1924 he took control and became leader of the Sovjet Union (founded in 1922 by Lenin). In 1942 Nazi Germany invaded the Sovet Union and gained much ground until they reached Moscow. Stalin refused to leave Moscow and after the battle of Stalingrad Stalins army’s defeated the germans until they reached Berlin. In 1953 he died ending his dictatorship.

Bust Stalin Big, Heavy, Bronze Bust Of Stalin

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