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Size: 125x86cm./49.2×33.8inch.
Weight: 2675gr./94.3oz.
Year: 1977


DDR carpet made in 1977, for the 60th. anniversary of the Ocktober Revolution in the Soviet Union. The text on the carpet reads:”60th anniversary of the great socialist October Revolution”. The carpet has got all the important elements, Lenin who started the revolution and created the first communist state, the ship Aurora who fired the first shot in St. Leningrad (St. Petersburg) and a rocket symbol to celebrate the great achievements the Soviets made in space. The carpet has some stains wich can be removed by cleaning. After that it will come out as “new”. At the back on the top somebody once added a wooden stick hang the carpet. So it was actually been used. See video.

Carpet DDR 60th Anniversary October Revolution 1977

SKU: CD011
€ 300,00Price

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