Size: 17cm./6.6inch.
Weight: 86gr./3oz.


In 1945, the country became a communist federation, the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. A new coat of arms was adopted in the style of socialist heraldry. At first the weapon showed five flames burning together, in a wreath of wheat.
Above the flames was the communist symbol of the red star. The ribbon that holds the wheat together is dated 29 November 1943, the day the AVNOJ met in Jajce and proclaimed the new communist federation.
The number of flames was increased from five to six in 1963. Originally, the five flames represented the Croats, Serbs, Slovenes, Macedonians and Montenegrins. Other nations, such as the Bosniaks / Muslims and Albanians, were not represented in the coat of arms. From 1963, the six flames represent the six Yugoslav states.
Cap is made of felt and embroidered.
On top is the coat of arms embroidered with the date 29-11-1943.

Clothing Yugoslavia Headgear Communistic Yugoslavia

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