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This is a DDR certificate map. All workers could earn certificates. You could keep them nicely in your own certificate map. Certificate 1 is a certificate wich says: “In recognition of outstanding work results for excellent services”
Certificate 2 is a certificate that was brought out by the Collective Of Socialistic Labor and it says: “1st. member of the Collective. This is awarded the honorary title for outstanding achievements in the construction of socialism and in the consolidation and strengthening of the German democratic republic. 1973.” Certificate 3 is a certificate awarde by the FDGB (Free German Trade Union Confederation). The FDGB was an East German organisation that existed between 1946 and 1990. The FDGB was the umbrella organization for about fifteen individual trade unions. Officially, membership in the FDGB was voluntary, but unofficially it was hardly possible to develop a career without joining. In 1986, 98% of all workers and employees were organized in the FDGB, which had 9.6 million members. This meant that it was one of the world’s largest trade unions. In May 1990, shortly before the German reunion, the FDGB was dissolved. The certificate says: “For loyal and deserving 25 years of membership in the unions.In recognition for work done in services of the working class. 15th. of June 1985″.

DDR Certificate Map

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