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Size: 31.5x22cm./12.4×8.6inch.


This is a DDR certificate map. All workers could earn certificates. You could keep them nicely in your own certificate map.
This certificate map is from a worker who worked at the VEB Rafena factory in the DDR. The Rafena factory as one of the two most television producing factory in the DDR. So they produced them in large quantaties. In 1967 they also started to produce computer technology.  A few years after 1990 when Germany was reunited they went bankrupt.

Certificate 1: For 50 years of loyal membership of the workers union. (1962)
Certificate 2: For 15 years of loyal service to Rafena. (1962)
Certificate 3: For an improvement proposal on grip handles. (1957)
Certificate 4: For an improvement proposal for degree and length gauge for angle rails. (1959)
Certificate 5: For self teaching. (1963)
Certificate 6: For self teaching. (1963)

DDR Various Certificate Map VEB Rafena television

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