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Size: 71.5x54cm./28.1×21.2inch.
Weight: 2604gr./95oz.

Handmade model of Junkers Ju 52/3M. Made in the 1960’s. The propellers and wheels can rotate. Metal propellers are mounted on a brass shaft with brass nut.
The Ju-52 / 3m is an aircraft built by the German firm Junkers. It is also known by the pet name Tante Ju. The aircraft was commissioned by the Reichswehr, which was then secretly working on the construction of a German air force, developed as a commercial aircraft that could easily be converted into a bomber. The aircraft first flew in March 1932. During the Spanish Civil War, the type was also used for the first time militarily. On August 14, 1936, it flew the first bombing mission

Desktop Germany Handmade Model Junkers Ju 52/3M

SKU: DG002
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