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Size: 19x16cm./7.4×6.2inch.
Weight: 1400gr./49.3oz.
Year: 1969

Hungarian desktop made in 1969. Robert Bereny was commissioned for At Arms! At Arms! of the Propaganda Department of the People’s Commissariat for Education in May 1919. Its task was to design a poster encouraging young men to enlist in the Red Army as the state prepared for a military campaign against the Czechoslovak and Romanian advance. Berény tried to capture the enthusiasm and urgency in a screaming figure, a sailor. His mouth is wide open and his face distorted into one big cry in his left hand he holds up a red flag his right hand into a fist. In 1969 a gigantic bronze statue of this was made for the 50th anniversary of the Soviet Union. The plaque is made of cast iron and rests on a clear lacquered, sloping beechwood pedestal, which is covered with green fabric underneath. It is 63 years old but looks great, like new.

Desktop Hungary At Arms! At Arms! 1969

SKU: DH011
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