Size: 41.5x31cm./16.5x12inch.
Weight: 3218gr./120oz.

Illuminated marine CCCP Officers desk ornament. Beautiful large and heavy handmade ornament. Almost 100% of brass and ebonite.
Boat in harbor and lighthouse are illuminated, now with a power supply and no battery. Unlimited illuminated! Lighting button is located on the stern of the boat. All wires have been renewed just like the standard bicycle lamps.
The 2 naval mines are inkwells and have caps that are attached to chains where they were originally attached to the seabeds. Column in the sea is the monument in memory of sunken ships. For the 2 ink pots a holder to put down an ink pen. (not included in the sale). Around 7 brass poles with a ship’s chain in between. The whole piece has 4 legs made of ebonite.

Desktop Soviet Russia CCCP Officer Desktop Ornament Illuminated

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