Size: 24.5x11cm./9.6×4.3inch.
Weight: 420gr./15oz.


Plastic desktop ornament with white hammer and red bajonet with flag. The memorial is made in remembrance of the WWII operation Gallop.
Operation Gallop was a Soviet army operation on the Eastern Front of World War II. The operation was part of a series of counteroffensives following the encirclement of Stalingrad following the German summer offensive in 1942. The Soviet High Command expected a collapse of the German front line and launched a number of counteroffensives to exploit the weak German situation. The offensive was initially successful when the Soviets broke through the weak German lines. The Germans were pushed back to a line west of Voroshilovgrad.
Facing a total collapse in the south, the German command arranged a number of reorganisations and a newly created Army Group South out of the shattered forces of the old army Groups A and B led by von Manstein. The Soviet offensives, initially successful, eventually ran faster than their supply lines, and during a counteroffensive in Kharkov, the Germans were able to regain momentum. The result would be a final German strategic offensive at Kursk.

Desktop Soviet Russia Operation Gallop

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