Total Size: 88.5cm./34.8inch.
Ship Size: 33×8.5cm./12.9×3.3inch.
Oropesa Size: 30.5x3cm./12x1inch.
Weight: 2531gr./90oz.


Ship Neštin class river minesweeper with towed Oropesa. Museum piece, very unique.
Ship and oropesa are made of aluminum brass, copper and rope, entirely on brass spheres that rests on a wooden base. Some parts are painted ivory white. There is some paint damage on the bottom of the brass spheres that connect the model to the base. But only visible with good viewing. The copper shield on the base says:”To Commemorate The Staff Of MN9680″.
The Neštin class minesweeper is a class of minesweeper built specifically for clearing navy mines on rivers. The class was built for the needs of the Yugoslav Navy on the Danuberiver  and was also sold to Hungary and Iraq in the 1970s and 80s.
Design; In the 1970s, a new river minesweeper design was requested to replace the 301-class minesweeper with the Yugoslav Navy. The Neštin class was designed by the Naval Institute of the Yugoslav Navy. All minesweepers are built by the Brodotehnika shipyard in Belgrade. They can load and lay 18 contactless mines of the type AIM-M82 or 24 anchor R-1 mines, as well as 80 fully equipped troops.
Countermeasure equipment includes mechanical mine hunter MDL-2R, improvised electromagnetic/acoustic mine hunter PEAM-1 and explosive mine hunter AEL.
The Neštin class is powered by two Torpedo B-539RM / 2 engines of 121 kW each.
An Oropesa is a towed body used for mine sweeping. The Oropesa’s role is to keep the towed body at a certain depth and position from the minesweeping vessel. Oropesa are standard equipment used on standard class mine action ships.

Desktop Yugoslavia Model Nestin Class Minesweeper With Oropesa

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