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Size: 42x30cm./16.5×11.8inch.

Information paper made by the Februari Strike Commitee for the yearly commemoration of the Februari Strike wich happend in 1941 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
The February Strike was a general strike in the German-occupied Netherlands in 1941, during World War II, organized by the then-outlawed Communist Party of the Netherlands in defence of persecuted Dutch Jews and against the anti-Jewish measures and activities of the Nazis in general. The direct causes were a series of arrests and pogroms held by the Germans in the Jewish neighbourhood of Amsterdam.
It started on 25 February 1941 and lasted for two days; on 26 February, 300,000 people joined the strike. The strike was harshly suppressed by the Germans after three days. The 1941 February Strike is considered to be the first public protest against the Nazis in occupied Europe,and the only mass protest against the deportation of Jews to be organized by non-Jews.
Three communist organizers were shot to death after the strike and 12 communist organizers were sent to jails in Germany.

Document Netherlands Commemoration 1994 Februari Strike 1941

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