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Very unique Polish propaganda document from around the 1950’s and it is about the award title „Wzorowy zolnierz” – „Honored Soldier”, it was a honorary title (and badge) awarded from the 1950’s to the soldiers of the Polish Army.
The presented document is typescript informing about awarding honorary title “Honored Soldier” for private first class Krzysztof Apel and was signed by hand by military unit commander military unit no.1035 and deputy commander military unit no.1035 for political matters and with a stamp of the 1035 unit. Unit no.1035 was military 10th Railway Regiment named after “Silesian Insurgents” with headquarter in the Przemysl Fortress in Poland.
The document reads:”“[…] private first class Krzysztof Apel, who performs the honorable and responsible duty of military service in our unit, belongs to the rank of the best soldiers, excelling in combat and political training and discipline […] our soldier congratulations and heartfelt thanks for raising son to be a sincere patriot and a good Citizen of People’s Poland, documenting his love for the homeland through honest military actions […]”.

Document Poland Honored Soldier

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