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Published: 1954


Unique polish propaganda non-public document. It contains instructions published by Central Committee of The Polish United Workers’ Party with annotation printed to top of the front wrapper: „Exclusively For Inner-Party Use” (Wylacznie do uzytku organizacji partyjnych) titled: „On The Tasks Of Party Organizations In Elections To National Councils”, Warsaw, October 1954.
The instructions were published for party members on how to organise propaganda agitation due to the first elections to national councils in Poland in 1954. It contains detailed, step by step instruction in 9 points, agitation work which should guarantee to win election by the Polish United Workers’ Party.
The Polish United Workers’ Party (PZPR), was the far-left communist party which ruled the Polish People’s Republic as a one-party state from 1948 to 1989. Elections to national councils in Poland in 1954 – the first post-war elections to national councils in the People’s Republic of Poland, held on December 5, 1954 on the basis of the newly adopted Constitution. One list was voted on. It was announced that the turnout ranged from 92-96%, and the candidates of the National Front won 97-99% of the votes.

Document Poland Polish Worker’s Party Non Public Election Instructions 1954

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