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Year: 1976

FDC made in the Soviet Union, 1976. The text on the envelope reads:”Rocket GIRD-X engine, launched in November 1933″. GIRD-X was the first Soviet rocket with a liquid propulsion . It was developed in the Moscow office of the GIRD between 1932 and 1933 by Friedrich Zander and Sergei Koroljow, among others, from project 10 from 1928, which was not implemented.
After Zander died of typhus on March 28, 1933, Koroljow completed the work on the GIRD-X rocket alone. The first launch took place on November 25, 1933 in Nachabino near Moscow. The engine mount and fuel line broke at a height of around 80 m. As a result, the rocket deviated considerably from the intended vertical flight path and hit 150 m away from the launch point. The launch of the GIRD-X rocket, together with that of the previous GIRD-09 model, marked the birth of Soviet rocket technology.

FDC Soviet Russia Space GIRD 1976

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