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Size boxes: 63x43cm./25×16.9inch.
Weight: 34500gr./76lb.


Cold war German training 102 planes and helicopters. 1950-1977. 4 boxes complete with original frames and all planes, a must for the purist plane collector. USA, CCCP, Germany, France, England and Canada models.
Each box has 4 hook closures and 2 locks and can be opened on 2 sides. Beautiful sky blue sprayed on the inside, planes sit on metal pins with top and bottom rubber discs to keep them in place, all planes are also sprayed in shadow on the bottom plate so that everything comes back in the right place. The shadows have numbers that correspond to the frame on the lid.
The models are official and original ID models, which are manufactured under state supervision by the authorities of the German Ministry of Defense. All 102 models are named and arranged by number and NATO code and sorted in one of the four large wooden boxes.
In the 4 marked boxes are all types of military aircraft to identify “friend or foe”. Each case has an ingenious one-board-two-cover system, always one side at a time. Inside the chests are all types of military aircraft and helicopters from the USSR, US, UK, Canada, France and Germany that were active during the Cold War in the North Atlantic region.
The models are arranged in 2 areas; the “North Atlantic Treaty Organization” – NATO – and the communist “Treaty of Cooperation and Mutual Assistance” – previously referred to as “Warsaw Pact”.
Most recognition models (the smaller ones) are made of metal and have a great shape and design. The larger items also look nice and are made of composite material, which improves the portability (weight) of the boxes. There are also models made of metal and composite material. The set – supposed to be current until the end of the seventies – is very special.
It is a great set that you will probably never encounter again. Boxes are 63x43x13cm./ 25×16.9×5.1inch. Total weight is 34500 grams, 34.5 kilos/76lb.. I do not know the scale of the aircraft, the largest is a CCCP An-22 aircraft of 27.5cm./10.8inch. and the smallest is a USA OH-58 “kowa” Helicopter.

Germany Cold War Training Airplanes

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