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Size: 50x38cm./19.6×14.9inch.
Weight: 2090gr./73.7oz.


Very rare model plane of the Soviet Kalinin airplane. The first passenger airplane of Russia. Handmade.
Model is built of wood with metal parts and stands on a plexiglass asymmetrical base. Model can be removed from the pedestal, the propeller can rotate. 2 exhaust pipes that protrude just above the windscreens. Beautiful! On the pedestal is a brass plate with text. Model has minor damage, see photos. I expect a model that you will never encounter again.
The Kalinin K-2 was a Soviet aircraft designed and built by the designer Konstantin Kalinin. The aircraft was a variant of the predecessor K-1 with a more powerful engine and all-metal construction. The total weight of the structure significantly exceeded that of the planning. F.F. 1925, the first commercial flight took place in 1926. Only four were built.

Kalinin First Soviet Passenger Plane Big

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