Size: 18.5×12.5cm./7.2×4.9inch.
Weight: 54gr./1.9oz.
Pages: 31
Year: 1973


Book from North Korea, 1973, written by Kim Il Sung. The eternal leader of North Korea.
This book once belonged to Andries Oele. Inside the book you’ll find the signature of him. Oele was a well-known and notorious radical Maoist in the 1970’s in the city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He always stood out by standing at the back of a hall at meetings and public gatherings (such as May 1 celebrations) and shouting his slogans (“Death to capital! Long live Marxism-Leninism! Long live Chairman Mao!”). While the many small communist splinter groups were happy with any soul they could recruit, they would rather lose Andries than get rich. Nevertheless he was a member of KORO (Communist Organization Rotterdam and Surroundings).
Andries Oele worked in construction so the left-wing intellectual Rotterdam got some appreciation for this: a real worker, after all.
In 1977 Oele was caught in bed with someone’s wife. Her deceived husband immediately took a gun and shot both Andries and his own wife. A double murder. A Dutch Maoist publisher was asked to clean out Oele’s house.
Behind the frontdoor he found a wonderful house that had been completely renovated as if it were a ship’s cabin. You had to duck to go inside and could look through portholes to other dark spaces. He collected all Oele’s books, almost entirely Marxist-Leninist works and works by old Dutch socialists, such as Troelstra and Domela Nieuwenhuis.

Kim Il Sung Korean Revolutionaries Must Know Korea 1973

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