Hungarian Little Pioneers Second stage. The outfit is from 1980 and never worn, once hung in a store and stored after the fall of the Soviet Union until now!
Little Pioneers The movement's second phase began when children from the early years moved from primary school to upper grades, at about the age of ten.
They then exchanged their blue uniforms for red and now had 12 points to live up to:
1. A pioneer is loyal to our homeland, to the Hungarian People's Republic, and works responsibly for them
2. A pioneer strengthens the friendship between nations and maintains the dignity of the red scarf
3. A pioneer studies hard and increases his knowledge of the world and himself
4. A pioneer practices and maintains the values ​​of socialist society
5. A pioneer volunteers and helps his community
6. A pioneer behaves and speaks honestly
7. A pioneer loves and respects his parents, teachers, and elders
8. A pioneer is a loyal friend
9. A pioneer is courageous and disciplined
10. A pioneer loves and protects the environment
11. A pioneer exercises and takes care of his health
12. A pioneer lives in a way that does justice to the Hungarian Communist Youth Movement.

Little Pioneers Second Stage

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