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Size: 21x15cm./8.2×5.9inch.
Weight: 76gr./2.6oz.
Year: 1981
Pages: 55

Magazine made in the Netherlands, number 28,1981 by Rood Verzetsfront, meaning:”Red Resistance Front”. The title of the magazine reads:”The resistance to the nuclear strategy”. The Red Resistance Front existed from 1977 to 1985. Former members of the Red Youth (a communist group) and its affiliated Red Aid were active in the organisation. The RVF was an aid organization for the “armed resistance” in Western Europe, together with a large number of pamphlets mainly protesting against the detention situation of imprisoned members of the German Red Army Faction (RAF)
The RVF also conducted and coordinated actions against the European Parliament elections, which were held for the first time in 1979. The group saw it as part of a political structure that would give Germany and the United States too much power in Europe.

Magazine Netherlands Rood Verzetsfront 28 Het Verzet Tegen Atoom Strategie 1981

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