Size box: 12.5x6cm./4.9×2.3inch.
Size medal: 3.5cm./1.3inch.
Weight: 66gr./2.3oz.


This is the bronze medal for 5 years of service in the national’s people’s army of the DDR. They started with this type of medal in 1956 and stopped in 1990.
Faithful Service Medals with a similar design were issued by Border Guards (Grenztruppen) and Civil Defense (Zivilverteidigung).
There were 4 different medals for this purpose;
Bronze: 5 years of service (no stripe)
Silver: 10 years of service (white stripe)
Gold: 15 years of service (yellow stripe)
Gold: 20 years of service (gold stripe and Roman numerals XX)

Medal DDR Bronze 5 Year Of Service National People’s Army

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