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Size box: 8.2cm./3.2inch.
Size medal: 3.5cm./1.37inch.
Weight: 75gr./2.6oz.


Table medal made in the DDR. The text on the front of the medal reads:”Central youth object. FDJ initiative Berlin”.
In the DDR, a youth object was a form of temporary task assigned to a youth collective, which was often initiated and organized by the leadership of the SED or the youth association FDJ.
These tasks could arise from the areas of industry, agriculture, construction, science, teaching and research or education in general. Every state-owned enterprise (VEB), every agricultural production cooperative (LPG), and even every administrative unit, had their own youth objects. For example, in 1974 a total of 854,912 young people worked on 68,370 youth objects.

Table Medal DDR Central Youth Object

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