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Size box: 8.2cm./3.2inch.
Size medal: 3.5cm./1.37inch.
Weight: 75gr./2.6oz.


Table medal made in the DDR. The front of the medal reads:”National memorial ravensbruck”. The back of the medal reads:”German Democratic Republic”.
Ravensbrück was a German concentration camp exclusively for women from 1939 to 1945, located near the village of Ravensbrück.
Of 132,000 women who were in the camp during the war includes about 48,500 from Poland, 28,000 from the Soviet Union, almost 24,000 from Germany and Austria, nearly 8,000 from France, and thousands from other countries including a few from the United Kingdom and the United States. More than 20,000 of the total were Jewish, approximately 15%. 85% were from other races and cultures. More than 80 percent were political prisoners. Many prisoners were employed as slave labor by Siemens & Halske.
From 1942 to 1945, the Nazis undertook medical experiments to test the effectiveness of sulfonamides. In the spring of 1941, the SS established a small adjacent camp for male inmates, who built and managed the camp’s gas chambers in 1944. Of some 130,000 female prisoners who passed through the Ravensbrück camp, about 50,000 perished; some 2,200 were killed in the gas chambers.

Medal DDR Concentrationcamp Ravensbruck

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