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Medal DDR from the FDJ youth organisation. This medal came in 3 classes. Bronze was for city leadership, silver was for county leadership and gold was for district leadership.
The Artur Becker Medal was the highest award of the Free German Youth of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) and was associated with a cash bonus.
Artur Becker (born 1905 Germany died 1938 in Spain) was an official of the Communist Youth Association of Germany (KJVD), Member of the Reichstag and fighter in the Spanish Civil War.
As a teenager, he joined the Free Socialist Youth in 1919, the Communist Youth Association (KJVD) in 1920 and the German Communist Party (KPD) in 1922. As a political opponent of the National Socialists, he was forced to emigrate in 1933 and fled to Moscow.

He later organized the fight for the Spanish Republic. From August 1937 he took part in the armed fighting, from spring 1938 as Political Commissioner of the Thälmann Battalion of the International Brigades. On April 13, 1938, he was severely wounded in captivity. He is said to have been shot in a Burgos prison on 16 May 1938 after several weeks of interrogation. According to a Gestapo report from August 1939 there were Gestapo officials in Spain who interrogated prisoners and also tried to find Becker. Apparently, this did not succeed, Becker possibly died under the wrong name in a hospital, according to the Gestapo report.

Medal DDR FDJ Artur Becker Silver Edition

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