Size box: 13cm./5.1inch.
Size medal: 9cm./3.5inch.
Weight: 236gr./8.3oz.

Table medal made in the DDR. The text in the box reads:”Party High School Karl Marx”. the figure on the medal is Ernst Thalmann. Who was leader of the Communist Party in Germany from 1925 until 1933.
The Party Academy Karl Marx (Parteihochschule Karl Marx) was an academy (Hochschule) that was founded in 1946 in the Soviet occupation zone. Teaching ceased on 30 June 1990.
During its existence, the academy offered studies and classes to more than 25,000 students. Among them were more than 1,200 students from socialist countries that had friendly ties with the DDR. Studies offered were Marxist-Leninist throughout. Numerous publications, both scientific and propagandist, were released. Members of the Socialist Unity Party and its organizations were delegated to studies of either one or three years duration, finishing as Diplom-Gesellschaftswissenschaftler (equivalent to a Bachelor in Social Sciences).

Medal DDR Party High School Karl Marx

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