This lot is all from one person. It includes: 1 medal Order Of The Patriotic War 2nd. Class  and an Order Of The Red Star issued in 1945 along with documentation and letters of recommodation from the archives in Russia.
The medals were givin to Ivan Ivanovitsj Voronjoek Born 1916. He served as a medical assistant in the veterinary service in the 29th Guard Mechanized Infantry Uenetsha Order of Bohdan Chmelnytskyj 1st Class, Suvorov, Kutzov and Aleksander Nevski Brigade.
Voronjoek served in the Red Army from january 1944 and was awarded three times, once with the medal for Armed Fight and twice with the Order Of The Red Star. Sadly the other two medals are missing and only his last Red Star is present.
The Red Star has got number 2.736.735 and is dated May 14, 1945. Voronjuk was nominated for the Medal Of Courage, but it was upgraded to a Red Star. He recieved it for is efforts at Luckenwalde just south of Berlin.
In 1985 Soviet Russia decided that every soldier who served in the Great Patriotic War would get a Order Of The Great patriotic War 2nd. Class. Voronjoek’s order has number 1.827.412.

The awards are in good condition, undamaged and complete with the original fasteners. The set comes with copies from the Russian archive of Voronjuk’s distinctive recitals.
The enamel of the Red Star shows some traces of wear (small scratches).

Order Of The Patriotic War 2nd. Class And Order Of The Red Star From One Person

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