Size: 21x11cm./8.2×4.3inch.
Weight: 443gr./17oz.


Yakovlev Yak 28 handcrafted and polished. Made in the cold war era. NATO reporting name Firebar. First flight 1958. Airplane is made of high-gloss polished aluminum and has a steel diamond-shaped base with chrome bracket. Airplane can be removed from the bracket and the bracket can also be unscrewed from the base.
The Yakovlev Yak-28 is a swept wing, turbojet-powered combat aircraft used by the Soviet Union. Produced initially as a tactical bomber, it was also manufactured in reconnaissance, electronic warfare, interceptor, and trainer versions. It began to enter service in 1960.
The aircraft is perhaps best known for the heroic actions of Captain Boris Kapustin and Lieutenant Yuri Yanov after the Yak-28 they were piloting suffered a catastrophic engine malfunction in 1966. They were ordered to divert to attempt a landing in Soviet zone of Germany, but lost control of the aircraft and strayed into the airspace of West Berlin. The crew managed to avoid a housing estate but crashed into Lake Stößensee without ejecting. Their bodies, along with the wreckage, were raised from the lake by Royal Naval divers who also retrieved important top secret material from the plane, including the engines, which were taken to RAF Gatow to be inspected by RAF and American engineers. The bodies of the two pilots were returned to the USSR with full military honors from both Soviet and British armed service members, and they were both posthumously awarded the Order of the Red Banner. Both engines were returned to the Soviets on May 2, 1966.

Model Yakovlev Yak-28 Handmade

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