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Published: 14th December 1981

Polish newspaper „Zolnierz Wolnosci” (Soldier of Freedom) issued on the historic day of introduction of martial law in Poland Peoples Republic announced by Wojciech Jaruzelski the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Polish United Workers’ Party on 13th December 1981.
On the first page speech of Wojciech Jaruzelski:
“Citizens of the Polish People’s Republic, I appeal to you on matters of the highest importance. Our homeland is on the edge of the abyss. The achievements of many generations, raised from the ashes, the Polish house is falling into ruin. The structures of the state stop working ….. I announce that today the Military Council of National Salvation has been formed. the Council of State, in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, today at midnight imposed martial law throughout the country.”
Martial law in Poland in 1981–1983 – a state of emergency introduced on December 13 1981 throughout the Polish People’s Republic, contrary to the Constitution of the People’s Republic of Poland. It was suspended on December 31 1982 and lifted on July 22 1983. During its duration, a total of 10,131 activists associated with “Solidarity” were interned including Lech Walesa, and about 40 people lost their lives, including 9 miners from the “Wujek” mine during the pacification of the strike.

Newspaper Poland Jaruzelski Introduction Martial Law Poland 1981

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