Size: 3cm./1.1inch.

Button made in The Netherlands made by the CPN to celebrate their 65 year anniversary. The button was made in 1983.
The Communist Party of the Netherlands was a Dutch communist party. The party was founded in 1909 as the Social-Democratic Party (SDP). In 1918 it was changed in CPN.
On May 15, 1940, immediately after the German occupation, the party decided to organize an underground movement. In July 1940 the Nazi occupation force banned the CPN. The party continued illegally. Together with the much smaller anti-Stalinist communist party RSAP the only pre-war organisation that already in 1940 protested against the anti-Semitic measures by the German occupiers. It published a resistance newspaper called De Waarheid (“The Truth”, in Russian: Pravda). Both took part in the February Strike in 1941, the largest act of resistance in the Netherlands.
In 1989 the party merged with three other small leftwing parties to form the GreenLeft. In 1991 disstatisfied members left and formed the New Communist Party wich still exist today.


Pin Netherlands Communist Party Netherlands 65 Years Anniversary 1983

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