Size: 2.5cm./0.9inch.

Button from the Netherlands from AFA. The buton is made in the 2000’s and the image on the button is Geert Wilders who is a far right politician leading the PVV party (Party For Freedom). It is believed that AFA is also a part of Antifa.
The Anti Fascist Action (AFA) is a Dutch and Flemish network of local groups and individuals. The AFA was founded in 1992 from the squatters’ movement, according to the AFA in response to the growth that organized extreme right was going through.
Since then, AFA has set itself the goal of “fighting racist and fascist parties, groups and tendencies and denouncing racist and far-right government policies”. The AFA says it fights against any form of oppression, hatred, based on origin, gender, religion and sexual orientation and strives for “a society in which equality and freedom are central and socio-economic differences are minimized”. For this reason, organizations that are not labeled as far-right usually also fall within the “focus area” of the AFA.

Pin Netherlands Dutch AFA Button

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