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This pin is about the city of Gliwice with 180.000 people living in the city (2018). It is one of the major collega towns in Poland. Gliwice is an important industrial center of Poland. Following an economic transformation in the 1990s, Gliwice switched from steelworks and coal mining to automotive and machine industry.
Founded in the 13th century, Gliwice is one of the oldest settlements. Gliwice’s medieval old town was mostly destroyed by the Red Army in World War II, but it has since been rebuilt and has undergone a major restoration in recent years.
An attack on a radio station on 31 August 1939, staged by the German secret police, served as a pretext, devised by Reinhard Heydrich under orders from Hitler, for Germany to invade Poland, which marked the start of the Second World War. From July 1944 to January 1945, Gliwice was the location for one of the many sub-camps of the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Pin Poland Gliwice

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