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This pin is about the city of Rawa Mazowiecka in Poland.
Rawa Mazowiecka is a town in central Poland, with 17,561 inhabitants (2016).
Rawa Mazowiecka was first mentioned as a medieval gord (a medieval Slavic fortified wooden settlement,), probably located on one of local hills. In 1321, it received town charter, and in 1355-1370, a brick castle of Mazovian Dukes was built here.
A period of prosperity ended during the catastrophic Swedish invasion of Poland (1655 – 1660), when Rawa was captured by Swedes who completely destroyed both town and castle. In 1676, its population was only 100. In 1702, Swedish forces returned during the Great Northern War, once again destroying the town. In 1766, most of Rawa burned in a fire, and on February 4, 1793, the town was seized by the Kingdom of Prussia during the military Partitions of Poland.
The Nazis established a Jewish ghetto in Rawa Mazowiecka in March 1941. By 1942, the number of Jewish prisoners in the Rawa ghetto grew to four thousand. Many jews were shot or deported aboard Holocaust trains to the Treblinka extermination camp.
From 1562 the city hosted the Rawa Treasury for the Polish army. During an excavation in 1948, a big wealth deposit dating from 600 BC was found containing 4 underground rooms with barrels of gold and silver. A smaller treasure was found containing mainly bronze artefacts from the Trzciniec culture, dating from around 1700 BC.


Pin Poland Rawa Mazowiecka

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