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Pin made in the Soviet Union. The text on the pin reads:”Kamensk-Uralsky”. Kamensk-Uralsky is a city in Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia, located at the confluence of the Kamenka and Iset Rivers (Ob’s basin). Population: 174,689 (2010 Census).
Kamensky Zavod was founded in the late 17th century as a settlement next to the cast iron smelting factory and foundry, commissioned on October 15, 1701. For the first two centuries of existence it was known for its cannons.
First schools opened in Kamensk in 1724. The cast iron smelting factory was rebuilt in 1825–1829. Railway traffic started on December 6, 1885. The first library opened in 1899. In 1934, Sinarsky Pipe Works was established. In 1939, Ural Aluminum Factory was established. Kamensk was granted city status in 1935 and renamed Kamensk-Uralsky in 1940.

Pin Soviet Russia City’s Kamensk-Uralsky

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