Size: 2×1.5cm./0.7×0.5inch.

Pin made in the Soviet Union. The text on the pin reads:”Leningrad” also known as St. Petersburg. The statue of Lenin on the pin is the statue at Finland Station in Saint Petersburg is one of the most famous statues of Vladimir Lenin in Russia. Erected in 1926, it was one of the first large-scale statues of Lenin, being completed within three years of his death. It depicts the man making a speech from atop an armoured car, soon after his 1917 arrival at the station from exile abroad. It was designed in an early constructivist style by sculptor Sergei A. Evseev and architects Vladimir Shchuko and Vladimir Helfreich. The style and pose of the statue were imitated by later works. The statue is one of few in Saint Petersburg that survived after the fall of the Soviet Union. It was damaged in a 2009 bomb attack but has since been repaired.

Pin Soviet Russia City’s Leningrad

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