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Magnitogorsk was founded in 1929 as a industrial settlement. It became a city in 1931. It is located at mountain Magnitnaja wich is very rich on iron ore. So they built very big steelwork factory’s. The quick devolopment of the city was due to Stalins “five year plan” in the early 30’s so the Soviet Union could match up with western steel production.
In 1931 Ducth communist Joris Ivens made a propaganda movie about the building of the city but not filming the forced labour. Instead he filmed the thousants of Komsomol volounteers and party members who also worked in Magnitogorsk. The movie was called “Song Of Heroes”.
Nowadays (2019) the biggest steel factory in magnitogorsk is the 30th. lagerst steel company in the world.
The nickname of Magnitogorsk and the biggest steel factory is “Magnitka”, meaning magnet.

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