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Pin made in the Soviet Union. The text on the pin reads:”Perekop”. Perekop is an urban-type settlement located on the Perekop Isthmus connecting the Crimean peninsula to the Ukrainian mainland. It is known for the fortress Or Qapi that served as the gateway to Crimea. The village currently is part of Armyansk Municipality. Population: 919 (2014 Census).
The town was virtually wiped out during the Siege of Perekop by the Red Army in 1920. The siege was a key episode of the Russian Civil War. The success of the Bolsheviks allowed them to oust Pyotr Wrangel’s White Army from the Crimea. Twelve years later, the Soviets founded the new town of Krasnoperekopsk 32 km (20 mi) to the south.
During World War II, Perekop was occupied by the German Army from September 27, 1941 to November 1, 1943. The capture of Perekop (by both the Wehrmacht in 1941 and the Red Army in 1943) was used to cut off Crimea from Ukraine.

Pin Soviet Russia City’s Perekop

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